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For sale


ID: 208333KN1502629

Age: 2 år

Breed: Knapstrupper

Gender: Mare

Father: Fairbanks Skrødstrup KNN 162

Mother: Nørgaards True Colours KNN 2567

MF: Theis af Virklyst KNN 179

Pure breeding: 8/16


Prize: 50.000 Dk. kr.

ID: 208333DW1200802

Age: 4 years

Size: 163 cm

Level: Ridden


Colour: Blackbrown

Breed: Danish Warmblood

Gender: Mare


Medina is a very beautiful and noble mare with fabulous  gaits. Medina is sensitive but a really nice ride.


ID: 208333DW0804836

Age: 8 years

Size: 168 cm

Jumping level: L

Dressage level: L


Colour: Dark brown

Breed: Danish Warmblood

Gender: Gelding

O´Puccini is a very kind gelding and a nice ride. He is reliable doing his dressage movements and is a really good freind. He is doing nice half-passes and learning flying changes. He also jumps.

Well looked after with farrier, vaccinations and dental care.

He is used to the trailer and is kind and easy to handle in stable and paddock.


Nørgaards Champion

ID: 208333DW1202363

Age: 5 år

Size: 165 cm/16.24 hands

Father: Chandler DVH 1073

MF: Mosegårdens Dilight DVH 642

Jumping: L

Hacking: yes

Color: Chestnut

Breed: Danish Warmblood:

Gender: Gelding

Good looking and carefull gelding. Champ has done Young Horse competitions in Denmark. He has done well, and has recieved good marks.

Champ is now looking for a nice new home, where he can continue his education.

Champ is well looked after with farrier, teeth  and vaccinations.

His legs are x-rayed in 2015 with no remarks.



ID: 208333DW1302874

Age: 4 år

Size: 167 cm/16.44 hands

Father: Hot Spirit

MF: Donnerwerther DVH756

Gender: Broodmare

Color: Black

Breed: Danish Warmblood

Domani is a beautiful 4 year old mare with exelent gaits. She was injured as a 1 year old, and is therefor not suitable for riding.

She is graded in Danish warmblood and scanned in fole by Antobello.

Domani is sold as a broodmare only. She is a really nice and sensible horse.

Bon Bon


ID: 208333DW1201367

Age: 5år

Size: 167 cm/16.44 hands

Father: Bøgegårdens Boney M DVH1052

MF: Londonderry

Dressage: L

Gender: Gelding

Color: Chestnut

Breed: Danish Warmblood

Good moving and a nice ride.

This gelding has only just started to be ridden, so he needs an expirienced rider, to give him his education. Bon Bon is a star in the making.

Bon Bon is well looked after with farrier, teeth  and vaccinations.

His legs are x-rayed with no remarks.

ID: DE431316861710

Age: 7 år

Size: 170 cm/16,73 hands

Father: Blue Hors Hotline

MF: Waikiki

Dresssage: Ridden

Color: Blackbrown

Breed: Hannoveraner

Gender: Vallak

Gelding by Hotline

Quality horse with outstanding movements. Low prize due to lack of education. Though not ridden for so long, he is a really nice and rideable gelding - he carries well. For the serious rider, who wants to educate his/hers comming star.

His legs are x-rayed with no remarks.

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